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HDB Shower Screen

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LS Shower Screen Singapore

HDB Shower Screen

HDB stand for Housing and Development Board in Singapore. It manages the public housing system under a 99- year lease. A major chunk of the residential system in Singapore is governed and developed publicly and is home to approximately 78.7% of the total population of Singapore. HDB’s main focus is getting rid of the slums in order to give people an affordable flat system. Most people in Singapore live in public residential arrangements which can either be a studio apartment or condominiums governed by HDB.

HDB gives way to low-cost and affordable housing system and therefore needs reasonable interiors. In this context, when we think about a bathroom in HDB, the shower screens need to be really good looking and appropriately priced. The most commonly used shower screen in HDB is a Sliding Door Shower Screen.

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What are the advantages of having a HDB Shower Screen?

Sliding door shower screens are best preferred due to their low cost and excellent quality. With the updation in the quality of sliding door shower screens, it has become highly preferred by public housing systems. Since HDB provides affordable and low-cost studios and apartments, it is only obvious that sliding door shower screens would be their first choice.

Since middle-class people are the ones who mostly opt for HDB apartments, they pay great attention to the cost of maintenance. Sliding door shower screens are easy to clean as they have less chances of dirt being stuck in them. Even if it gets stuck, it is easy and smooth to remove it. They are highly durable and strong and is always a less chance of breakage.

The glass that you use for the sliding doors shower screens can be customised as per your needs. It can either be a tempered glass or a normal glass. It can be completely transparent or translucent or even opaque. We make a full note of your requirements and customise as per the details given to us by our customers.


LS Shower Screen Singapore

LS Shower Screen is the production house of all kinds of shower screens. We have our own production and supply chain of shower panels. We also take up customised orders of our clients and work in sync with them as per their wants.