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LS Shower Screen Singapore

Black frame Shower Screen

We are the Best production house of all kinds of shower screens
LS Shower Screen Singapore

Black frame Shower Screen

Bathrooms play a key role in deciding the ultimate look of your house. Imagine having great interiors in the rest of the house and a mismatch bathroom and bathroom accessories! What a shame! We build our houses and put in our heart and soul to make it a home. When we choose the best of everything for our entire house, then why should the bathrooms be left behind?

Times are changing and bathroom accessories are gaining a lot of momentum in contributing towards the overall persona of a home. When we talk about posh houses, the bathrooms are also ought to be posh with all the high end accessories. Starting from the taps to the shower screens, premium house owners want everything over the top. The best kind of shower screens for such premium class bathrooms is Black framed Shower Screens.

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What are the advantages of having a Black frame Shower Screen?

They ooze out class and style. They are available in any colour but black dominates the colour chart! Matt finish black frames have become more popular and dominant than the chrome version. The matte black frames add on the subtlety of the whole frame and therefore is the most liked type of frame in amongst the customers.

What matters the most is that they are easy to clean, neutral in terms of styling and are the latest trend in social media! We offers you a plethora of options to choose from for your palace home. We believe in making your bathrooms look stunning and classy while keeping your budget in mind.

The best part about having a black frames shower screen is the colour black. It never runs out of style. Always stays in the trend! By choosing these shower screens, you never have to worry about running out on style or luxury!


LS Shower Screen Singapore

LS Shower Screen is the production house of all kinds of shower screens. We have our own production and supply chain of shower panels. We also take up customised orders of our clients and work in sync with them as per their wants.