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Tempered Glass Shower Screen

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LS Shower Screen Singapore

Tempered Glass Shower Screen

Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass. It is used to make the glass stronger by processing it with controlled chemical and thermal treatments so that it becomes stronger and durable than a normal glass. When you compare a tempered glass to normal annealed glass, tempered glass is four times stronger than an annealed or a normal glass.

When we speak about using a tempered glass in shower screens, it so of great importance as it makes the glass strong enough to prevent it from breaking or cracking.

One question that we keep getting asked frequently is, “Which kind of glass is best for shower doors?”  And our instant reply is tempered glass, without a doubt.

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What are the advantages of having a Tempered Glass Shower Screen?

There are many advantages of having a tempered glass shower screen. Let’s list a few:

  • Safety of course!

If a tempered glass breaks, it breaks down into small harmless circular pieces which will not cause you any injury even if you happen to stumble upon it. Whereas a normal glass breaks down into sharp pieces which can be very harmful if we stumble upon them.

  • Highly durable.

There’s very less chance of a tempered glass breaking down, however nothing is impossible. Tempered glass is highly durable because of the process by which it is made. It is exposed to extreme chemical and thermal treatment due to which it becomes 4 times stronger than a normal class.

  • Can’t be damaged easily.

Tempered glass shower door can’t be damaged easily because of the high heat treatment that it undergoes. Tempered glass doesn’t get scrath marks easily which makes it a must in glass doors.

  • Customisable

Tempered glass shower doors are available in variety of shapes and sizes and therefore can be customised as per your requirements and needs.

We gives you the best quality of glass with a gaurantee of its durability.  Shop wth us and completely forget about any kind of stress about shower doors.

LS Shower Screen Singapore

LS Shower Screen is the production house of all kinds of shower screens. We have our own production and supply chain of shower panels. We also take up customised orders of our clients and work in sync with them as per their wants.